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We make it a point to have the team comprising mostly of pharmacists. Our pharmacists had to undergo continuous certification by compounding pharmacy accrediting bodies (PCCA and Medisca).


Patients’ welfare and medication compliance is at the heart of what we do.

 Hence, we strive to formulate the medicine to suit the patient’s unique lifestyle, instead of the usual patient adjusting their activities for their therapy.


We only use either pharmaceutical grade ingredients for medicinal products and cosmetics grade for topical items. Our ingredients have Certificate of Analysis to ensure quality and uniformity.


Singapore’s first compounding pharmacy in the heart of the nation’s R&D centre

Founded in 2002, SCP started from an urge to deliver better healthcare to every unique patients. Our humble origin started in a small lab in Camden Medical Centre processing less than 10 scripts a day. After fifteen years in practice, we have now served over tens of thousands of patients locally and internationally.


Our Specialist Areas

At SCP, we pride ourselves in delivering tailor-made medicine that suits you and your patients’ unique needs. Thus, we naturally specialise in these four areas where dosing is highly variable between patients.


Our Bio-Identical Hormones are derived from plant-sources and has the same structure and function as our body’s own hormones. It will thus follow the exact same metabolic pathway as our body’s own hormones, hence restoring the hormone balance in the least intrusive way for our body.


Our pharmacy aspires to provide custom cosmeceuticals uniquely tailored for your patient to unleash their true self. Our consumer cosmeceutical products range from post-procedure moisturisers, whitening and depigmentation agents, acne medicine, anti-aging and skin firming products as well as hair loss preparations.


Most medicine available in the market are prepared specifically for humans. Unfortunately this means that our furry friends usually have to take human dose when they’re sick! Fret no more, we can tailor your pet’s medicine according to their unique dose and taste.


Children are notoriously difficult when it comes to taking medicine. Their more discerning taste buds can’t take the overwhelming synthetic taste of the medicine. We can improve their compliance through creative methods from making a better tasting medicine to changing the form of the medicine.


Reveal Your Best Self

Today, beauty is a necessity for everyone. A pleasant exterior
and radiant skin has proven to propel one’s career and improve
one’s confidence. With everyone’s skin being different, how
can a one‐size‐fits‐all approach of commercial products suit the
unique needs of every patient?


We provide alternatives to EMLA with faster onset, longer duration of action and stronger effect.


We make an array of pharmaceutical grade melasma control medicine from hydroquinone to triple cream.


We have a library of tested acne formulae that we are sure will be helpful in managing acne.


We are passionate in formulating the best anti-aging preparation to keep you young!


Support Your Healthy Aging

Menopause is an inevitable consequence of a woman’s life, but that does not mean you have to suffer through multitude of its debilitating and often times incapacitating symptoms! We use holistic approach to provide relief in your golden years.


Naturally sourced from soy or yam, our estrogen are chemically similar to the estrogen made in our body. We use a blend of Estrone (E1), Estradiol (E2) and Estriol (E3) that mimicks the composition of estrogen in our body.


Our progesterone are derived from soy. It is USP grade and micronised to ensure that the hormone is small enough to actually reach their intended site.


Also derived from soy and also USP grade, our testosterone is popular in men who wants to increase their testosterone levels.

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Our Team

Our team consists of three compounding pharmacists and two compounding technicians. All our staff have to undergo and renew their compounding certification by Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA) or Medisca.

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